About a-emotional light (before Arturo Álvarez)

A-emotional light is a well-known brand that makes the lights it designs and develops by hand, exporting them to over 80 countries around the world. Constant innovation leads them  to create new products, launching innovative designs that provide solutions to the lighting needs of interior design professionals. They are specialists in customizing and personalizing projects.

Their hands are the best tool they have to make luminaires. They make unique and exclusive pieces with emotional and artistic value that follow rigorous quality control processes and transform the materials they use into designer lamps. Any lamp made their workshop is full of humanity and emotion.

A-emotional light collection provoke emotions through the light it projects. Dark textures, shapes and light make the space where they are placed an emotional experience. Emotional Light is their design philosophy, their way of thinking and transforming light into beauty. Emotion is part of life and light illuminates it.

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