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Chandeliers are a very versatile and original item, as well as a trend that will never go out of fashion. First and foremost, they are perfect for illuminating larger rooms, and for that reason, they are an excellent option for lighting our living room or dining room. This type of lighting will be your greatest ally to refine the decoration and give a different and elegant touch to your home, restaurant, or hotel. In addition, you will be able to choose between different types and versions to make it a perfect complement, whatever your favorite decoration style is. Do you rather a more classic style? Or maybe a more modern one? Don't worry, at LightingSpain we have modern and classic chandeliers that will make anyone fall for them. Use our filters and choose the color or material you prefer according to your tastes. Don't be surprised when your visitors get mesmerised by them.

What kinds of chandeliers are there?

  • Classic: Choosing this style creates distinguished period ambiances. Classic chandeliers come in various materials, sizes, and combinations. One of their most common features is the use of crystals to decorate the structure, such as the Austrian Schöler, Bohemian crystal, or elegant Asfour crystals. These chandeliers add attractive ornaments, giving a luxurious and romantic image to any room. At LightingSpain, you'll find a wide selection of Spanish-made pieces crafted by master artisans. Renowned lighting brands like Mariner, Riperlamp, Copenlamp, or Lladró offer exclusive and majestic pieces designed to illuminate the room in a unique way.
  • Modern: If you prefer a modern style and enjoy large decorative lights, this is the section for you. Modern chandeliers offer endless customization options, including multiple arms, with or without shades, in a variety of colours, and made from different materials. Brands like Aromas, Bover, Mantra, or Pujol offer fitting models to light up your hall in an original and eye-catching way. Choosing one of these chandeliers eliminates the need for additional decoration as they become a striking centrepiece on their own.
  • Rustic: Are you seeking a rustic light to illuminate your bungalow's hall or cottage? You've come to the right place. Our wide selection allows your room to become a cozy space where you'll want to spend plenty of time. Rustic chandeliers are often made of iron, with various tones and finishes that add a genuine touch to your room. With different numbers of arms and dimensions available, they can easily adapt to your room's measurements. The timeless appeal of these lights ensures they never go out of fashion.

How to place a chandelier?

Due to their size and aesthetics, it's advisable to place chandeliers in large areas at the centre of the room. They are commonly used in hotel halls due to their showy appearance, elegance, and ability to add personality to a space. In private homes, the living room is a popular choice for installation, although they can be placed in any room. Before purchasing a chandelier, it's crucial to measure the room to ensure you get the perfect size for optimal function. 

Chandeliers often come with decorative shades, but some do not, placing greater emphasis on the bulbs. In smaller rooms, chandeliers with too many bulbs may overwhelm the space, so we recommend no more than five bulbs for such spaces.

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