Modern and Contemporary Lights and Lamps

Dare to break away from retro and go for a more futuristic and innovative style. New materials and concepts, simple or complex shapes, and simple lines are some of the characteristics that best define modern lights. Surprise your guests with these fantastic designs that our best national manufacturers have created for you. They are pieces that fit in very well with the latest trends, and more and more people are opting for them, as they are highly versatile and last over time. With their technical characteristics and exquisite design, you will undoubtedly find the one that best suits your style and tastes. At LightingSpain you will not cease to be surprised by the wide range of modern design lights to illuminate any space. We offer both of them as pendant lights and as wall lights or contemporary ceiling lights that will combine perfectly with the aesthetics of your home. And to surprise you even more, we offer a wide variety of innovative models with brightness or color temperature regulation via remote control or mobile app.


We know that there are currently an infinite number of contemporary lights on the market and we are going to love most of them. But how do we choose the most suitable one for our space? Firstly, we have to determine in which rooms we want to install our lamps. A modern light for the living room is not the same as one for the kitchen. When choosing a contemporary or modern style lamp, we must take the decoration of the room as a reference point so that the colours chosen match perfectly and do not become intrusive. In case of uncertainty, we can always choose modern lamps in neutral colours such as white, black or beige. 

If we choose a pendant light, we must not forget to position it correctly, i.e. we must be careful with the height so that it does not disturb us and so that it illuminates optimally. It is also not the same to install a modern pendant lamp above the table because in addition to the height of the ceiling we will need to know the size of the table. 

Usually contemporary and modern lights have more innovative details such as LED light source, so we will not have to worry about its efficiency and consumption. In addition, LED lamps have several more innovative features for dimming their brightness or light colour with the remote control or via mobile apps. Sometimes we can even connect all the luminaires in our house with Dali dimming so that they can be switched on together or separately. These are very convenient tools that help us to control the use of our modern lights.

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