Lights Inspired by Nature

Inspiration in the natural world is a trend that we can find in more and more homes, and it has also been transferred to the world of lighting. Lamps inspired by nature, either through their materials or their original shapes, will bring to our home elements with a natural essence so that we can enjoy them in any room of our home. If we decide to opt for these pieces, we will obtain in return intimate atmospheres of serenity and relaxation. Our catalog ranges from classic ceiling lights with delicate floral motifs and wall lights to modern floor and table lamps that use very natural elements and shapes in their designs. You can create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere with unique designer pieces from the best Spanish brands. Did you think it was impossible to have a pendant light in water droplets shape or even floor lamps and wall lights in flower shapes? Discover our latest designs inspired by nature and give your home a very natural touch.

Nature has always been with us in our lives and has served as inspiration for great artists. Nowadays, the lighting industry has also decided to pay tribute to it by offering lamps made of materials and shapes inspired by flora and fauna with the most creative designs.

One of the characteristics of this unusual style is the use of natural materials such as wood or vegetable fibres so that the products reflect beauty and elegance and offer a comfortable atmosphere. We can also find lampshades made of linen, silk, wooden slats or velvet in the case of table and floor lamps. It is very popular to combine various raw materials, especially wood, metal, plastic and textiles, creating modern and contemporary sets, without renouncing their natural character.

As for shapes, which are another key point in nature-inspired lighting, our catalogue offers models with solid structures in the form of tree branches, raindrops or even animal shapes such as jellyfish. Some shapes are really unusual, so we recommend that you find out for yourself by entering our catalogue and selecting that style.

And of course we cannot forget flowers. Floral designs are really seductive, and many of the of nature-inspired lights use them.

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