Industrial and Vintage Lamps and Light Sconces

Industrial and vintage, are two styles that share the same thing that has been transformed and modernized over time, becoming one of the most demanded styles in the decorative lighting sector. It is a very current trend that will never go out of fashion. Industrial lights make us fall in love thanks to their variety of geometric shapes, straight lines, and metal structures to give us a unique, cozy, and avant-garde atmosphere in our home. In addition, they are perfect for large spaces as well as for small rooms, transforming them into unique retro areas. Also, many stores, restaurants, and hotels are betting on the industrial style and integrating it into their lighting. In LightingSpain we put at your disposal from vintage ceiling pendants to retro wall sconces, industrial floor lamps, and table lamps, a wide variety of the best products so you can give your home that characteristic touch, always with top quality products.

To achieve harmony in the interior of our home we must know how to select our vintage lamps correctly. It is very common to combine this style with modern, classic or even rustic decoration in order to give it a more personalised touch. In order to turn your house into a warm and unique home, here you have different type of vintage and industrial lights.


Thanks to the wide variety of types of vintage ceiling lights we have the chance to find the one that best suits our tastes. These lamps are the most used in retro style and we can place them in any room at home. At LightingSpain you can find hanging lights made of steel, vintage cage lamps or even glass. We can often find something as simple as hanging bulbs with long wires or tubes that are usually placed in the kitchen, especially above the bar or on the table in the dining room. If we talk about colours, the most used in industrial style are black, brown, green or copper, but we can also sometimes find white vintage ceiling lights. If we opt for a glass pendant lamp, we can choose them in slightly darkened smoky tones.


Industrial table lamps are a great choice whether we want to introduce an additional point of light in the living room above the sideboard or if we want to place it near our bed on the bedside table. These lights become a much sought-after decorative element, especially if we want to achieve a more retro atmosphere or if our decoration is modern and we want to give it an industrial touch without going too far. In their aesthetics, the use of metals such as steel, decorative light bulbs or glass and even ceramics stand out. 


If you are thinking of introducing a loft-style floor lamp with character, you will get the room lit with pleasant light and look great all day long. Industrial floor lamps are characterised by their decorative effect, not least because they have a simple aesthetic, mostly made of metal with a clearly visible bulb, and will never cease to be a trend. In addition to their common use in the living room, vintage floor lamps are often placed near the bed or furniture to accentuate decorative elements. An industrial floor lamp can be chosen with one or more legs. In terms of colour, black is undoubtedly the most popular, however, there are other equally vintage colours such as copper, grey or brown.


Vintage light bulbs are a very characteristic element in the industrial style, as they are all really decorative, thanks to the combination of modern and classic. Their attractive glass can be designed in many ways; we can choose transparent or tinted and in different shapes. Their popularity is such that more and more lamps are being designed that leave the bulb exposed, either through the glass or without any kind of obstacle, as they can be used on their own, accompanied by a cord or cable.

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