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Ceiling lights from the most renowned Spanish manufacturers in the lighting market. Spanish lighting is a trend all over the world, and LightingSpain puts the designs and creations of the best designers in this field at your fingertips. Be surprised by our design models characterised by their variety of syles, their energy efficiency, or their great decorative contribution. Thanks to this wide variety, you can illuminate any room in your house or company, regardless of style or size. Our assortment includes pendant lights or ceiling lights to light up your dining room table and your kitchen as well. We have LED downlights and track spotlights to illuminate office spaces – even the most minimalist ones. We also have innovative models such as lights with regulation through phones or remote controls, motion sensors, or adjustable colour temperature. Do not think twice. Get hold of a ceiling light especially made for you

We offer a wide assortment of styles to suit any taste and requirement. Explore our selection of designer ceiling lights, featuring designs from internationally renowned designers such as Ramón Esteve, Francesc Rifé, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, or Benedetta Tagliabue, among many others.

How to choose the perfect ceiling light for my home?

It's no surprise that ceiling lights are a universal product installed in every room of the house. This ensures general and uniform lighting without the need for additional light points. In our catalogue, you'll find everything from adjustable small spotlights to hanging lights equipped with multiple screens designed especially for larger projects.

  • House measurements: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right lights for our home is the size of each room. Each room requires adequate lighting, so it's essential to select the correct size and ensure it provides appropriate light power for every area. In some cases, we may need more than one light fixture to provide sufficient illumination.
  • Type of room: We cannot overlook the purpose of each room. Lighting requirements vary between rooms, such as a warm light for a bedroom versus a cool light for an office. Additionally, we should consider factors such as IP protection, especially when lighting bathrooms (IP44 at least) or exterior areas (IP54). The level of protection ensures safety against external elements like water and dust.
  • Style and furniture: Another crucial aspect to consider for safe illumination in our home is the decorative and overall appearance. Lights not only serve their primary function of lighting but also contribute to the decor. It's essential that they harmonize with the desired style we want to achieve. Introducing a minimalist-style light into a rustic atmosphere may result in an unpleasant aesthetic clash. Similarly, when combining multiple lights instead of just one, we must ensure a coherent and visually appealing final image.

Types of Colour Temperature and Their Use in Each Room

  • Warm light (1800K-3000K): This type of light is optimal for creating cozy and relaxing atmospheres. Bulbs produce a yellowish light that is perfect for areas such as bedrooms, children’s rooms, or living rooms. The resulting illumination is soft and inviting, perfect for enjoying pleasant evenings without being too harsh or disruptive to sleep cycles.
  • Neutral light (4000K-6500K): This light falls between warm and cold temperatures, offering a more natural daylight-like illumination. It is ideal for study and work areas where longer concentration is required. Neutral light is also commonly used in shops and window displays to showcase products effectively. Additionally, it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as it creates a stimulating and comfortable ambiance.
  • Cold light (above 6500K): The higher the Kelvin value, the colder and whiter the light. This type of lighting promotes creativity and enhances concentration, making it perfect for spaces where constant activity takes place. It is well-suited for lighting offices, studies, and kitchens, as it helps in better perceiving food items and provides an energizing environment.

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