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Ceiling lights from the most renowned Spanish manufacturers in the lighting market. Spanish lighting is a trend all over the world, and LightingSpain puts the designs and creations of the best designers in this field at your fingertips.

You can buy ceiling lights in different styles and for the use you need. If you want to illuminate your living room with a classic style lamp, you will also find many models in our online lighting shop. You will also find design ceiling lightss, and you can access the catalogue of designers who are international references, such as Ramón Esteve, Francesc Rifé, Lázaro Rosa -Violán or Benedetta Tagliabue, among many others. If you need to light up your living room to the last corner, or if you want to create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, you have the solution within our platform. Use the filters to find the rooms and price you are looking for, and take advantage of the functionalities of our online shop to shop your favourite lights and compare them with other ceiling design lights on sale.

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