Fans for Medium-Sized Rooms (14 m²-28 m²)

Designer Ceiling Fans for Medium-Sized Rooms

Before introducing a ceiling fan in medium-sized rooms (14-28 m2) we cannot ignore some important recommendations to ensure effective air circulation and increased energy savings. Without a doubt, the most important thing is its size, so in this particular case, we suggest that it should have a diameter of 108-132 cm. On the other hand, the number of integrated blades is also substantial, as the more blades, the more uniform, and smoother the air circulation. Instead, if it has fewer blades, it will generate a stronger and more concerted breeze, which is recommended above all in rooms such as the kitchen or for work areas. If we decide to install a fan in the bedroom, it is best to choose a quieter model to ensure that the noise is imperceptible and does not interrupt our sleep. Fans with DC motors and more aerodynamic blades are a great option. Other no less important features are the control options (remote control or wall controller), the reverse function (to redistribute the heating air in winter), the number of speeds, or its IP rating if we want to install it outdoors.

Here you will find a wide selection of design ceiling fans for medium and large rooms. If you are looking for a more innovative ceiling fan, you can choose models with remote control, ultra-quiet and Google Home and Alexa compatible.

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