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This type of lighting has been specially designed for garden lovers, since its adjustable light permits any plant to be highlighted, thus emphasising the natural beauty of the landscape. Their easy installation is a very useful advantage especially in irregular and difficult-to-reach areas. To facilitate their placement, they have an additional complement: a spike – which is directly nailed on the floor. The only point to consider before fixing them in the right place is the choice of a strategic location after ensuring their connection to power supply – depending on each model’s requirements. On the other hand, spike lights allow for adjusting their head’s orientation, so you can point the light in any direction. This fantastically gives a well-deserved prominence to any area of our garden. We will not have to worry about adverse weather conditions, since their simple design always guarantees their endurance. These outdoors spotlights are efficient (as they have LED bulbs), versatile, and non-irritating so that we can enjoy nature all day and all night. 

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