Ceiling Fans for Big Rooms over 28 m²

Fans for Big Rooms over 28 m² | Lightingspain

If we are seeking to incorporate a ceiling fan for a large room (from 28m2) we need to consider several factors. The most important is that the diameter is greater than 132 cm to ensure that the air is moved efficiently, the flow generated is optimal and does not consume more energy than necessary. If we choose well, our fan will be able to move enough air to provide adequate circulation and an ideal temperature. Additionally, we cannot forget about the height of the ceiling because if it is too high, we will need a shaft (if it is adjustable, the better) to lower it to achieve a good performance. Large fans stand out for being equipped with a more powerful motor to move large volumes of air, as well as the materials that make up its structure are the most resistant (for example, stainless steel). To make their use much more practical, most of them are remote-controlled, either via a remote control or a mobile phone. Remember that to guarantee a longer life and the best performance, ensure that it is installed correctly.

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