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A very common way of lighting outdoor spaces is through table lamps, as they are easy to move, they can be placed in any corner and give a cosy ambient light for our terrace or balcony. They are specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and last much longer, providing comfortable lighting at any time. Without neglecting aesthetics, designers care about the quality of materials used for their manufacture, opting for the more lasting and resistant ones such as stainless steel, plastic, or aluminium, all of which are resistant to UV rays or rust. We can also find solar table lamps; in which case the functioning is due to the solar charge. When powered by electricity, they have a long enough wire so that we don’t have to worry about looking around for another power socket when we want to move it from one place to another. This is a very versatile type of lighting that will fit in perfectly with the style of your home. 

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