Nordic Lights and Lamps

Join one of the hottest trends of the moment that is becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. Nordic lighting, originating from Norway, brings us a very simple, yet highly inspirational style. Shade design lights are characterized by bringing great warmth and brightness to the home, and work very well in any type of decoration. With minimalism and simple lines, they will fill every corner of your home with elegance and versatility. The white and grey colors with wooden details could be found among its most notable features that predominate in all the pendants, tables, and floor lamps, creating in this way a very pleasant atmosphere. By acquiring one of them, you will undoubtedly give a Scandinavian touch to your home. To make you feel like in the north, in Lighting Spain we guarantee the most incredible models always made with the best materials and with unique designs, all thanks to Spanish manufacturers and craftsmen so that your home is not only perfectly illuminated but also decorated with a great style.


Nordic style lights look good wherever you put them. You only have to look at the materials they are make off, mainly natural materials such as wood or paper, which are often combined with metal to create a really attractive light fixture. Thanks to Scandinavian lamps we will achieve modern interiors with minimalist details, and at the same time we will gain a feeling of spaciousness. Scandinavian lights adapt to any need, regardless of the decoration. For this reason, Nordic lamps have become a much sought-after style in homes all over the world.

It is a very versatile line designed for different purposes. We can find Nordic outdoor lights, such as wall lights or Nordic beacons to give that natural touch in our garden. But undoubtedly, Nordic indoor lamps are the most common and desired. At LightingSpain you can find a wide range of Nordic ceiling pendants, as well as wall lights or table and floor lamps with Scandinavian style. Our collection will allow you to fall in love with this style, and if you still have not decided, you will surely change your mind.

Give your space quality lamps and make your visitors fall in love with their charm. Nordic lights will become your best ally whether you have a small flat or a big house. Take a look at our Nordic lamps category and get your favourite light fixture.

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