Globe & Sphere Lights and Lamps

Innovative, original, fun, and very interesting, globe lights are anything but boring. It is very easy to identify them, as they integrate decorative globe-shaped lampshades, therefore, due to their multiple functions, such as their easy adaptation to any environment and style or their great decorative contribution, they have become a trend in lighting. They can fit perfectly into minimalist, modern, or Scandinavian-inspired styles. The pendant versions are the most popular because of their creative designs and the ease with which they can be placed in different areas. We can't forget the table lamps with one or more glass globes that do an incredible job by adding extra light to the living room or any piece of furniture in the house. Our catalog also includes floor lamps with decorative globes and wall lights. These pieces also provide very well-distributed and pleasant lighting, so don't think twice! Get one of them and create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Choosing the right style is a very important task when we decide to create our personal space. It is no wonder that we are becoming more and more demanding about what we buy, so when choosing a lamp, we look at different aspects that we cannot overlook. Ball lamps always meet all the requirements for the right lighting. 


Before we get a lamp with a ball-shaped shade, we must be clear about some aspects, among which we find its functionality, the amount of light we would like to have in the area, or the use we are going to give it. Round lights must fulfil not only their aesthetic functions, but also their practical ones. Nowadays, we have at our disposal a wide variety of globe lights with very varied designs that can be a great success when it comes to lighting our home. For this reason, we can find simple pendant lights with a single ball or really big lamps with a large number of ball lights. If we choose to buy a simple lamp, the best places to place it would be in the bedroom next to the bed as a bedside table lamp, above the kitchen worktop or in the bathroom next to the washbasin. In the living room, we will place a round light with bigger if we wish to install it in the central part of the room. On the other hand, if our intention is to place it above the table, we should use the furniture measurements as a reference. Let us not forget about floor lamps or wall lamps with ball lights. These round lights will provide additional lighting and will become a beautiful decorative complement.

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