Portable lights

Portable lights

Portable outdoor lights allow us to enjoy pleasant evenings anywhere outside our home. The possibility of transporting them easily to any place together with their fun appearance make them a perfect complement to enjoy summer evenings and nights. Thanks to our portable lamps we will always have a source of light when we need it. 

At LightingSpain we offer you countless portable lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces. All of them have a high IP rating, which means that they are protected against weather conditions, so that you will always have a safe light. 

Another of the most incredible features offered by this type of light is its technology. Portable outdoor lights have an integrated battery so that they can be easily transported without the need of cables or extension cords. In addition, they can be operated via bluetooth or mobile application. Some of them even have a built-in speaker so you can listen to your favourite music or RGB light that allows you to select from their animated colours. 

Move from one side to the other, and may the light be with you! 

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