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A ceiling light is a discreet lighting solution with which we will achieve a pleasant atmosphere, not only for workers but also for customers and visitors. There are round, square, recessed ... etc. and each one adapts to a need and a decorative style.

Office ceiling lights have a primary function, which is to provide homogeneous lighting that is suitable for working. Whether for long hours in front of a computer screen or for manual work, each light needs a different and specific fixture. Office ceiling lights are an elegant way to optimise space and offer the best possible lighting for workers and clients. 

At LightingSpain we have the perfect ceiling lights for your office: we have the best Spanish brands, and the luminaires have passed all the quality tests and standards. There are static and adjustable ceiling lights; the range goes from small dimmable fixtures to larger ones, perfect for lighting a meeting table.


Nowadays, ceiling lights have become an indisputable protagonist in the decoration of offices and offices. It is an element with great versatility and can be easily placed on ceilings and walls. If you are looking for ambient lighting for low ceilings, then ceiling lights are what you need.

We are sure you have heard of ceiling lights and that they are one of the best lighting options we can find today, especially when it comes to illuminating a room such as an office. The main difference between a ceiling light and a traditional pendant lamp is that semi-flush lights are fixed to the ceiling and have the light inside an opal diffuser, which means that the light is diffused without generating dazzling glare that can be annoying. For this reason, modern ceiling lights have become a decoration idea that helps to give the unique and different touch that an office needs.

One of the advantages of ceiling lights is that they are perfect for low ceilings, as they do not hang down and at the same time give a feeling of more space in the room where they are, such as an office or meeting room. Another option is to place them on the wall, helping to illuminate a dark space that needs an extra touch of light.

At LightingSpain office ceiling lamps, you can see different models, such as the In Iris ceiling lamp by Massmi, a daring design that combines colours between the inside and the top, creating a lighting and decorative effect that does not go unnoticed. You can also opt for something more classic, but with a modern touch, such as the London ceiling lamp by ACB Iluminación, available in black and white and with a round shape that is ideal for minimalist spaces.

As you can see, the variety of ceiling lamps for the office is very wide and is a growing trend in terms of lighting for workspaces. So complete the decoration of your office or office with one of these lamps and get the different touch you were looking for.

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