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Bedside table lamps are used not only for the mere function of providing with an additional lighting point, but also for their aesthetic and decorative function. Nowadays our demands are increasingly conclusive, and, for this reason, the designs of bedside table lamps are including very diverse models. We can find minimalist, classic, and contemporary models in an infinity of shapes and colours. On the other hand, these lights provide a perfect lighting whether we want to enjoy some reading time, or softly enlighten our room. Due to their closeness to the bed, it will be easier to switch on the light in every moment. Likewise, they have innovative features such as USB ports, wireless chargers, or touch control to a more functional use. Undoubtedly, they are essential elements as they stylize the room and invite to rest at nighttime. 


Choosing the right night table lamp is very important. In some cases its application is mainly functional; when we want to illuminate the bed and its surroundings or to generate relaxed environments to favour the rest. Sometimes, however, these lamps also have a decorative function, as many of them have really attractive shapes. We can find modern lamps with or without flex, with inspirational shades made of an infinite number of materials and colours, or even classic lamps with translucent shades placed on a wooden or metal base. It is easy to find any style (classic, modern, Scandinavian, minimalist or others), so it will not be difficult to find the one that best fits in the decoration. In this way, our lamp can become a great ally to give a decorative touch to the room and make our bedroom a space with a lot of personality.


Bedside table lamps benefit from the interest of decorators who use them to create peaceful and relaxed environments. These professionals know that the best way to offer a high quality product is by using LED technology. This type of lighting has countless advantages, since, in addition to its high energy efficiency, it allows for greater customization by not having to change the bulbs, adapting to the demands of users. In addition, they serve to provide top quality light. LED bedside table lamps are ideal when we need to keep the light on for a long time. In this case their low consumption is reflected in the light bills.


Many of us can't imagine sleeping without reading our favourite book first. Ceiling lamps are not suitable for this purpose, above all because it is much more comfortable to illuminate from light that is directed at a specific point, which makes reading easier and does not cause fatigue. In this case, the best option is the bedside table lamps with a lamp that can be customized. Practical and innovative. Also, in the age of technology, being connected most of the time to electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets, having a backlight becomes necessary, especially to avoid eye problems. In the case of bedside table lamps fixed to the wall or to the head of the bed, they have the advantage of saving up the space of the bedside table itself, making books, alarm clocks, glasses... fit more comfortably. In addition, in the design night lamps we can find models with addressable points that help us to focus better to read in the bed.

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