About Cordon Lamps

CORDON is a Spanish lighting brand which has been manufacturing decorative lighting products for three generations and is present in more than 60 countries worldwide.

CORDON lights are the essence of high fashion, traditional craftsmanship, and luxury. Everything unites to create meticulously designed and elaborate products.

CORDON models illuminate all kinds of spaces: no environment looks the same when illuminated with a CORDON light. Our lamps transform lounges into magical and exceptional spaces.

Interior Designers use CORDON products to enhance atmospheres and create the most exclusive decoration.

Elegance, art and luxury are not incompatible with functionality; the proof can be observed in the models of our collections, which are designed to illuminate and provide their unique style to each space, while meeting all the customer’s special needs.

Throughout the years, CORDON has worked to become the most recognised brand in the Luxury Lighting and Decoration sector in Spain.

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