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Who wouldn’t like to take a dip in the pool during summer nights? For this purpose, we can’t overlook a good lighting that will provide us security and enhance the beauty of the place. Nowadays the variety of models with the most diverse functionalities is wide: we can find wireless LED lights for swimming pools, with RGB coloured light or with remote control to make easier to switch them on and off. There is a wide variety of models such as waterproof lights that are installed directly on the ground or the wall, spotlights whose light will fall on the water surface or beacons to mark the outline of the pool area. Considering that these are products that are in direct or indirect contact with water, it is not surprising that they have a much more resistant design so that they can meet the appropriate safety standards. For this type of lighting, the IP (Ingress Protection) rating must be higher than 65 (for beacons or floodlights) or IP68 (for submergible lights) in order to withstand the constant contact with water without any damage. 

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