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When choosing floor lamps, it is important to distinguish by the type of light you want to achieve and the room where it will be installed. Generally, floor lamps for the living room or dining room serve as a reading point and are intended to generate a welcoming atmosphere. In terms of styles, we can find classic lamps with fabric shades in a variety of colors, minimalist lamps with simple geometric structures, modern lamps with the most spectacular designs, and even vintage living room or dining room floor lamps to give a more industrial touch to our room. Our designer floor lamps come in different sizes and can be adjusted in height or tilt to focus the light as we wish. Many of them have wooden tripods, arched shapes, or have an integrated table so that we use them as a bedside tables. Discover our wide range and choose the most suitable for your home.

There are as many models as there are different livingsrooms, and at LightingSpain we only offer you lights from manufacturers that belong to FEDAI, the Spanish Federation of Manufacturers and Exporters: you have the support of the Spanish lighting sector. If you are looking for modern floor lamps, the proposals with a schematic design, with straight lines and the minimum number of elements are perfect for integrating with simple and practical furniture.

When looking for floor lamps for the living room, two possibilities must be taken into account: they can be used to occupy a dark corner, becoming the perfect reading point, or to occupy a pre-eminent place in the living or dining room.

The decorative value of the floor lamps we offer you at LightingSpain is unquestionable. Moreover, our lamps come 100% from Spanish companies which are also partners of the platform. In this way, buying through LightingSpain is the same as buying directly from the manufacturer.

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