Floor Lamps

When choosing floor lamps, it is important to distinguish by the type of light you want to achieve and the room where it will be installed. Generally, floor lamps for the living room or dining room serve as a reading point and are intended to generate a welcoming atmosphere. 

If you are looking for modern floor lamps, the proposals with a schematic design, with straight lines and the minimum number of elements, are perfect for integrating with simple and practical furniture. When you're looking for floor lights for your living room, there are two possibilities: you can use them to occupy a dark corner, making them the perfect reading point, or to take a prominent place in your living room. The decorative value of the floor lamps that we offer you at Lightingspain is unquestionable. Moreover, our lamps come 100% from Spanish companies which, in turn, are partners of the platform. Thus, buying through Lightingspain is the same as buying directly from the manufacturer.

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