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Reading lights provide a suitable reading light, offering a homogeneous illumination while it allows us to create a cozy ambience. The lighting used for reading can be wall lights, which are the most popular, but they can also be floor or table lamps, depending on the space. Look for models of a specific range for reading, and enjoy a magazine, a book, or the newspaper in your favorite area of the living room or bedroom thanks to bedside lamps. If you like to read in your bed or on the sofa, we recommend wall sconces with adjustable LED flexes that allow you to fix the light on a specific point. Thanks to their LED technology, they illuminate efficiently and do not tire the eyes, allowing us to read or study comfortably. Reading lights are useful in office and study areas, where we spend more time reading, and that is where it is crucial to have good and adequate lighting.

For the living room, floor reading lights are very practical and versatile, as they cover a large light beam in a small space. 

Reading lamps used in an office or on a desk are mainly used for studying or working. The practical component of the reading light is the predominant one, without neglecting the design part. It is common to choose articulated flexo lamps, but fixed models are also interesting for their aesthetic value.

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