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Ceiling fans make it possible to lower the room temperature by stirring the air in the room. Even in winter, it is a useful product, as reversible models favour the circulation of warm air, which reduces energy consumption. Thanks to the wide variety of brands that manufacture them, we can find different designs and styles (modern, classic, for indoor and outdoor use...). To reduce its consumption, it is not surprising that many of them incorporate LED lighting or DC motors, the quietest one. Currently, there is a wide range of ceiling fans with different types of blades, colours, sizes, and ventilation power. At LightingSpain we have all kinds of models with light, without light, with wooden, plastic, or metal blades, and even with reversible blades with different colors on each side. We can also offer you the most innovative ones, powered up by remote control or even through, mobile applications without having to move from our bed. They are all advantages! 

Benefits of ceiling fans

What is the best way to combat heat without incurring high electricity bills? The answer is a ceiling fan, an increasingly indispensable tool for generating cool air in the summer and redistributing warmth in the winter.

Many models feature integrated systems that allow you to control their operation with timers. These can be programmed using remote controls or through wall-mounted regulators.

It's also important to consider the power consumption of their motors and the noise they generate. Modern fan designs typically produce a sound that is virtually inaudible.

Lastly, there is a vast array of fan types and designs available. Options range from bladeless fans, models with or without lights, classic designs (with pull chains or other mechanisms), ultra-quiet versions, and fans suitable for various room sizes.

What to consider when buying a ceiling fan?

There are several factors to consider before choosing a ceiling fan, such as the height of the ceiling and the size of the room where you plan to install it, whether you want a fan with or without a light. The surface, blade design, and light source are the three main aspects to look at.

  • Blades and Finishes: We now have access to a wide variety of models with different numbers of blades, many of which are reversible—offering different colours on each side. This allows you to coordinate the fan with your furniture and style effectively.
  • Speed: You can also choose from several speed options, allowing you to select the most suitable airflow intensity for each situation, from the lowest to the strongest when the heat becomes bothersome.
  • Size: These products are available in various sizes to ensure the air conditioning function is optimally fulfilled according to the needs of each room.
  • Mode: Another great feature of the newest models is the possibility to use them all year round in winter/summer mode. In summer, they are used to create a lower wind chill and make hot days and nights much more bearable. In this case, their blades turn to the left, pushing the air downwards.

However, if we set our fan to winter mode, the movement is reversed so that the fan is responsible for redistributing the heat from the heating evenly, preventing the air from stagnating and finding a balance between heat and distribution.

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