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Lighting is a very important factor in our bathroom. The arrival of the innovative mirrors with built-in lighting entails having two products for one: on the one hand, a traditional mirror and, on the other hand, a very useful uniform light source for daily chores. Currently, there are many models in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Many of them present a narrower and more compact design to take up less space. Energetic efficiency is another advantage of this type of lighting, as they have LED technology – the most efficient one in terms of energy. In addition, it has customizable characteristics, such as brightness or colour temperature settings. Some of them even have a demisting option to prevent them from misting up and to always have a light visibility. At LightingSpain we can find enlightened mirrors with LED technology that will make your bathroom shine.

Our lighting mirrors with LED light are available in many sizes. In addition, as LightingSpain is the official website of the Spanish Federation of Lighting Manufacturers, the products belong to brands that are our partners, so we can customize products and make them to measure. You can send us the measurements of your wall and we will advise you to have a bathroom mirror with light as you dedees it in your bathroom. Ask for a no obligation quote by phone +34 96 301 86 86 or by email 

Having a well-lit mirror in the bathroom is essential, since a good lighting is necessary for shaving, painting, etc. To illuminate a bathroom, we recommend using light from 4000K color temperature. 

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