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It is a 2-in-1 product because it not only serves to ventilate the home but also provides lighting in any room where it is installed, thus covering two needs at the same time. It is not surprising that ceiling fans with light have become one of the most popular options in lighting because they save space (only one device is needed instead of two), improve the circulation of fresh air while maintaining a constant temperature, help to reduce the electricity bill due to their energy efficiency and have a wide variety of designs being a decorative product par excellence. As in the case of traditional lights, these fans can be chosen with or without the LED light source included. In some cases, we can even adjust the brightness or color temperature from warmer to cooler, creating unique atmospheres. There are smart fans in which case they are operated by remote control or mobile phone, with different speeds, with reverse function, in a variety of colors and many of them are even suitable for sloping ceilings.

Key factors to consider before purchasing a fan lamp

What if, in addition to cooling our environment, we could illuminate it? In this case, we are in luck, as we can choose a fan that integrates a light source. This type of product allows us to make better use of the functionality of a fan and make it even more practical. In all options, we can integrate LED lighting, either integrated LED or LED bulbs to reduce consumption and generate more light.

If you are looking for a smaller version, we can surprise you with ceiling lights with an integrated fan with small blades to ventilate certain areas such as small kitchens or bedrooms, mainly above the bed. Also, if you are a light sleeper, we have ultra-quiet fans that do not produce any noise thanks to their innovative DC motor.

If you are worried about a substantial increase in your electricity bill, we can reassure you that these are increasingly efficient products that consume less and less electricity, because: who doesn't care about the environment? Come in and discover our wide selection that you can filter by room, type, colour, material, or price.

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