Hallway Lights and Hall Lamps

Hallway and entrance lights are a must in every home and especially in businesses and offices. The right lighting with entrance lights makes the house look better, beautifies the hallway area, and helps to prevent accidents.


In most homes corridors and hallways are areas of little footage, not frequented as much as living rooms or bedrooms. Normally, the lighting we use in such rooms is less conspicuous and its use is more functional, specially because they often do not have natural light. Although the aesthetics of hallway lights is usually more discreet than in the rest of the house, it is important to make a good selection so that there is a harmony with the style and furniture in general. It is a mistake not to pay enough attention to the lighting in these rooms, specially because they are the first impression our visitors receive of our home. There are many types of lights for hallways at Lightingspain: we have them in more minimalist versions, in the form of ceiling lights or portholes, wall sconces and picture lights, design hallway lamps, and also the most classic for lovers of traditional lights... In many cases it is important to provide more than one point of light to avoid shadows and to illuminate all corners and decorative elements that are in that place. 


How do I light my hallway? This is a question that comes to mind for many of us when we go through a house renovation or simply want to replace our old lights with new ones. It all depends on the distribution of our hallway, and also if there is furniture or a decorative element that we want to highlight. It is recommended to combine direct and indirect lighting to avoid shadows and to balance the atmosphere of the area, thus obtaining a greater benefit from each of them. Indirect or ambient lighting is essential in hallways and foyers, as it serves to create relaxed and cozy environments, and to highlight the decorative pieces. A good example of this type of lighting is LED strips placed on the ceiling or walls. Direct lighting on the other hand offers a quantity of light that is essential in that area such as downlights installed in ceilings. Passage areas have to be conveniently lit: as they are points that are turned on and off several times in a short time, look for corridor lights with LED technology for a more efficient use of energy. Recessed ceiling spotlights and discreet wall-mounted luminaires save space and create a harmonious decorative effect. Whether you need indirect or ambient lighting, LightingSpain has exactly what you need for your home or business. 

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