Reverse Function (Summer-Winter) Ceiling Fans

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We all know that ceiling fans are used to cool us down during a hot summer, but... but did you know that they also serve to redistribute the heat from heating evenly? The reverse function consists of changing the direction of the blades so that the air circulates in the opposite direction. This is a very useful feature when we use the heating system, and we want the heat to reach all parts of the home evenly. What the fan does is send the air that accumulates near the ceiling downwards and therefore mixes it with the cooler air below. Some of the most important advantages of this function are energy savings, as it reduces heating costs, better air circulation all year round, or the reduction of humidity. Nowadays, most fans have the reverse function so that we can use them not only in warmer periods but also during the cold. We can find the fan that best suits our style of decoration thanks to their infinite number of designs.
At LightingSpain we offer you the best ceiling fans designs with reverse function. The versatility of these fans make them a sustainable and low consumption way to balance heat at home. Here you will find the newest and most innovative designs from the best Spanish lighting brands in ceiling fans.

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