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If we are thinking of buying a lamp for a baby's room we must take into account some important points. Of course, it is important to place a ceiling light to provide general light to the room, and it can be either a ceiling, pendant or wall light in order to provide ambient lighting. If your choice is a wall light, we would not recommend placing it directly above the child's head so as not to distract them with it. On the other hand, for newborns´ rooms it is very important to place a table lamp that emits warm and dim light as it might have to be on most of the time. 


It is not surprising that a child's room is a place where children spend most of their time engaged in different activities: studying, playing, meeting their friends, and finally sleeping. Depending on each activity, it is important to provide the appropriate lighting. For studying, cold light (white) is recommended as it spurs students better. Neutral light is the most suitable for playing, and warm light (yellow) for sleeping, as it is more relaxing. If you wish to give your child´s room different atmospheres, it would be better to buy those lights that do not incorporate bulbs. This way, you will be able to change them as you like.

In our catalogue, we have children's lights in all colours and drawings in the shape of cars, stars, clouds, etc., all to make your child's room nice and fun.


In this case, we will have to provide two types of light: a cooler one (white) so that our child can study in the best conditions (4000-5000K), and a warmer one (yellow) to give them the best possible rest (2700-3000K). Our assortment of lights for teenagers include desk, ceiling  and pendant, wall lights and table lamps to be put as additional light near the bed.

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