About Iris Cristal Bohemia Lighting

Iris Cristal Bohemia is a renowned manufacturer of exclusively designed lights made of cut lead crystal from the heart of the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Their long history and experience dates back to the 18th century. Since then, their blowing, drawing and hand-cutting techniques have only improved, making them today masters in the production of the highest quality lamps.

The company has more than 150 professionals and facilities located both in Spain and the Czech Republic where they manufacture more than 300 unique models combining their traditions with the latest and most advanced technology. Every six months they launch new and surprising designs that stand out for their elegance and quality.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that their lights have been selected to be used in grand hotels, casinos, embassies and even royal palaces in the Middle East.

Iris Cristal is a great choice in lighting for all lovers of good design who are not satisfied with the conventional and are looking for products that live up to their demands in all kinds of projects.

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