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We can cool and homogenize the temperature of the rooms both in summer and winter, providing a decorative plus thanks to ceiling fans without light. This type of product is usually used when we are looking for a ventilation option without light, either because we do not like to have it integrated or because the room already has sufficient lighting. Given that these fans consist only of the blades and the support where the motor is hidden, their aesthetic is much cleaner and minimalist and therefore adapts very well to any style or decoration. Another advantage is that, as they do not carry light, which means fewer components, their durability increases, and their maintenance is reduced, as well as their energy consumption is lower. In terms of aesthetics, we can choose from more durable materials such as stainless steel, or we can give a warmer touch to our home thanks to the wooden blades in a wide range of finishes.

If your room has already got lights and you wish to refresh it, a ceiling fan without light is a natural way to regulate the temperature. In addition, the advantages of a ceiling fan without light are unlimited, for example, the air movement is more natural and healthy. On the other hand, it is a decorative element that gives a touch of design to your home. We have different types to suit the most diverse environments.

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