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Flush mounts or ceiling lights are the perfect solution if we are in need of a luminaire offering an ambiance light in a room. We offer the best choices to light up your house, whether it is the bathroom, the hallway or the living room. In our online shop you shall found them in different sizes and colours, as well as surface, recessed, with LED illumination, and dimmable via Dali, Triac and Casambi. For your search to be more effective, you can use filters to select the kind of room the ceiling light is headed to, as well as the material, colour or cost that will help you to find the perfect product.

How to choose a flush mount or ceiling light?

To choose the correct model, we encourage you to consider the following key aspects:

  • Lighting needs: define if you need ambient, accent or working light. This will determine the required intensity and kind of light.
  • Space dimensions: make sure that the measurements and lighting capacity are suitable for the room’s dimensions and the ceiling height.
  • Type of light: go for efficient technologies such as LED. Consider the colour temperature and if you need it to be adjustable.
  • Design: choose a design complimenting your decoration. Ceiling lights come in a wide range of styles to adapt to different tastes.
  • Installation and maintenance: verify the installation ease and if the flush mount needs of a professional electrician.
  • Energetic efficiency: go for options that offer a good lighting performance with a low-power consumption.

Types of flush mounts

  • Ultra flat: they have a very low profile, featuring a discreet and minimalist look.
  • Decorative: they present elaborated designs or decorative patterns that can be combined with each other to create drawings or compositions on the ceiling.
  • With diffuse light: they give a soft and even illumination throughout the space, creating cosy environments.
  • With steerable spotlights: they can have their light adjusted to head towards specific areas of the room, ideal for highlighting decorative elements.
  • Smart: they have built-in advanced technologies such as remote control or adjustment through Bluetooth or smartphones, allowing them for customising their brightness or colour temperature.
  • LED: they offer energetic efficiency, durability and the option to have their light intensity or colour temperature adjusted.

Advantages of flush mounts

  • Even lighting: they distribute the light in a wide and homogeneous way, giving a soft illumination and avoiding unwanted shades.
  • Self-sufficiency in illumination: its lighting effectiveness ensures that a single flush mount can properly light up a whole space.
  • Versatile design: they adapt to any decorative style.
  • Saving space: with their flat appearance, they are ideal for low ceilings or small spaces.
  • Energetic efficiency: many of them use LED technology, giving a powerful light and lessening consumption.
  • Easy installation: generally, they are easy to install, since they do not need holes on the ceiling, neither cable adjustments.
  • Reduced maintenance: they require little care, specially LED models.
  • Safety: since they need no cables, risks regarding flawed installations and falling accidents are lessened.

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