Cage Lights and Lamps

Cage shape lights attract people´s attention for their elegance and simplicity, and above all, for the infinite number of uses they offer. Although their structure may seem simple at first glance, they are far from boring. Their designs can be very imaginative so that the lighting fixture not only fulfils its purpose of illuminating the home, but also becomes a brilliant decorative element. Whatever the style of your home is, a cage lamp can add a unique touch.


A great advantage of cage lamps is that because of their design they can be placed anywhere at home. A trend that will never go out of fashion, that is why a lot of interior designers include them in their projects. Before installing, it is important to know the function it should fulfil. They can be installed above the table in the dining room, next to the bed as a pendant lamp, on the bedside table, or in the kitchen as the main light or providing light to the island or bar. The way it illuminates will depend on the bulb chosen, which in this case must be decorative, as when it is uncovered,  it is a main element in these type of lamps. We can also find wall or hanging cage lights to illuminate outside, but we must ensure that they have sufficient IP protection to be installed in these areas.


Whatever the style of your home is, cage lamps will not be intrusive, but rather the opposite, thanks to their metal structure they will fit very well in any environment. It does not matter if your house has white, coloured or brick walls, because the contrast achieved will be very pleasing to the eye. It does not matter if your style is minimalist or classic, because at LightingSpain you will be able to find the most suitable model for your home. Depending on the size of the room, you can play with the different sizes, you can even place more than one cage light creating combinations.

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