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Wall sconces can feature several main functions: on the one hand, they can offer a general and indirect light which reaches all the room evenly just like hallway lamps. On the other hand, a recessed wall light with direct light, meant to fix light in a particular place just as picture lighting. Most of these lamps and LED built-in wall sconces have an innovative and minimalist design. We are talking about very suitable lights to be complimented with the main lighting and to offer an additional illumination along the house. In our wide catalogue of wall lights, you will be able to choose among multiple sizes, colours, materials or even ways for them to adapt your house décor, whether it is for the children’s room, the living room or the foyer. In our shop we have wall sconces in different styles among which we can find vintage, modern or classic wall lights, or even minimalist design wall sconces.

What kind of wall sconces may we find?

  • Reading: they have arms or adjustable heads that allow the light for illuminating a specific area.
  • With ambient light: they emit light towards the ceiling or the walls, creating a soft and vague lighting that does not produce shades. Suitable for creating relaxing environments.
  • Decorative: besides its light source function, they serve as decorative pieces. They can have complex designs and make use of high-quality materials.
  • LED: they offer an energy-efficient lighting solution. LED can be built-in, or they can be replaceable.
  • With lamp shade: they include shades that diffuses the light, giving an even and soft illumination. The shade can be of different materials, this affecting the emitted light.
  • With extra functions: some models are built-in with additional features like shelfs, USB ports to charge up devices, or motion sensors.
  • Specific styles: such as modern, minimalists, vintage, boho chic, among others, chosen based on the space’s decorative style.
  • Bathroom: they use to be resistant to moisture and offer a suitable lighting for personal care.

Decorative wall lights applications

It is a clever option in interior design when it comes to lighting up and decorate the spaces. The combination of several lights on the same wall generates unique visual effects that can compliment or contrast the existing decoration. When playing with different colours, shapes and sizes, a customised illumination scheme can be obtained. Its great advantage is the ability to adapt to a wide variety of decorative styles; they adjust to both modern and traditional ones. Decorative wall lights offer the flexibility of experimenting with lighting, allowing for easy change of light direction or intensity adjustment to create the wished ambiance. Thanks to them, a blank wall is turned into a genuine work of art.

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