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Wall light sconces can have several main functions: on the one hand, to provide a general and indirect light that reaches evenly throughout the room as in the case of hallway lights. On the other hand, a wall light sconce with direct light is intended to fix the light to an exact point as in the case of picture lights. Many of the lights and wall sconces with built-in LEDs have an innovative and minimalist design. These lights are very suitable to complement the main lighting and provide additional lighting throughout the house. In our wide selection of wall lights, you will have the possibility to choose between different sizes, colors, materials, or even shapes to suit the decor of your home, whether for the children's room or the living room, or the hall. We have wall sconces of different styles in our store among which we can find vintage wall lights, modern or more classic, and even minimalist design sconces.

At LightingSpain, we offer you lamps which cover these three functionalities and are manufactured by the best Spanish companies in the lighting sector. 

In addition to the interior wall luminaires, we also offer exterior wall lights that are available for use on a terrace, patio or in a garden. These lamps have the necessary protection to withstand the elements. 

In all cases, our lamps are original and have the backing of the Federation of Lighting Manufacturers.

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