Outdoor Flush Mounts and Ceiling Sconces

Outdoor Flush Mounts and Ceiling Sconces | LightingSpain

Lighting up our balcony, terrace or porch is vital for the coziness and safety of our home. Outdoor flush mounts are the perfect choice since they serve as the main source light that uniformly illuminates the entire area. Their protection is superior to that of indoor lighting – being extremely important when it comes to resisting weather conditions. They work both for small and large areas without additional lighting support because they have more lumens and more homogeneous diffusion. We can find a wide variety of models suitable for truly diversified ambiences. Besides their shapes and sizes, they also have a motion sensor and an efficient LED source light. These lights are made of lasting materials so that they can be installed even in saline environments

What to consider when choosing an outdoor ceiling or wall light?

Before purchasing an outdoor ceiling or wall light, you should consider several factors to ensure long life and optimal performance. The material is key, as it must be resistant to corrosion and rain. Stainless steel INOX316, for example, offers excellent protection against rust, as do aluminium and polycarbonate, all of which are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Another key aspect is water resistance. Look for at least an IP44 rating for partially covered areas and IP54 for completely unprotected outdoor spaces.

In terms of functionality, motion detector ceiling lights are ideal for garages, as they switch on only when necessary, ensuring efficiency and safety. For terraces, these lamps offer ample illumination without being intrusive. In gardens and courtyards, they can highlight pathways and seating areas, creating welcoming and well-lit environments.

LED ceiling lights are highly recommended for their low energy consumption and their ability to provide intense and uniform light, as well as being very durable.

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