Minimalist lamps

Would you like lighting up your home with the latest trends in lighting? Then you are in the right category. Here you will find unique minimalist lights from the best Spanish brands and manufacturers on the market, made with quality materials. Minimalist lighting will fit perfectly in a contemporary home with well-defined lines. The simplicity and clarity of our lamps will make your home even more welcoming and modern, and at the same time it will be perfectly illuminated. If your goal is to gain in functionality and space, here there is the best minimalist lighting pieces that will make your home a functional and stylish space. Renounce excesses and trust LightingSpain to enhance the lighting in your home without neglecting the decoration. Do not hesitate to use our filters to choose the colour, material or price that best suits what you are looking for and get the most suitable minimalist lamp for you. 

Less is more – that is a fact that carries over to the minimalist style lights we can find on the market. You will not be surprised to see their simple shapes, uniform textures, predominantly black and white colours and lack of ornamentation. These lamps have been growing in popularity for several years, mainly due to the fact that we are increasingly looking for simplicity in our lives and we are opting for more and more modest spaces. They are a fantastic proposal in small flats where it is important to save space and create a comfortable and aesthetic atmosphere. 


We are lucky because in this style we can find lights for any room and typology. In our assortment we offer minimalist ceiling lights with simple geometric shapes, minimalist wall lights in white, black, gold or silver. We can even study or work in comfort, thanks to minimalist table lamps made of metal. On the other hand, if we have a house with a garden, we can illuminate it with modern minimalist outdoor lights that are fully functional and protected enough to withstand certain conditions of use.

Furthermore, minimalist design cannot be without technical lighting such as track spotlights, which are characterised by their adjustable shades that project in different directions and are really practical when it comes to lighting certain areas. Or downlights and recessed ceiling, wall or floor lamps, which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their discreet aesthetics.

Minimalist lamps are suitable for all types of interiors, whether living rooms, hallways, bedrooms or kitchens. Moreover, they are far from boring, as their innovative designs ensure a very appealing aesthetic and can therefore also be used as a great decorative element. 

These novel minimalist lights have another very important advantage, and that is none other than their LED light source. Almost all of them integrate LEDs to achieve quality lighting at a low cost, in order to make them as efficient as possible. 


Minimalist lamps have some characteristics that differentiate them from other styles and make them very popular in large and small homes or in contract spaces such as hotels or restaurants. Some of the most important features are:

- Geometric shapes or straight lines: spheres, cubes or simply straight lines are some of the most striking aspects of this most popular style. Spherical glass lampshades are very common in minimalist spaces and confer great decorative dose in our room.

- Combination of metal and glass: another great feature that we cannot leave out. Steel is the most commonly used metal to develop this type of lamps. And if it is combined with glass, it makes us fall in love with it even more. The smooth shiny or matt surfaces allow us to maintain harmony with the glass. 

- Neutral colours: It is not surprising that in order to maintain this clean and discreet image, neutral finishes such as white, black, grey, silver or gold are used to give a monochromatic appearance. Sometimes, two colours are used in contrast with black.

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