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Exterior wall-mounted lamps are characterized by providing functional illumination, making pathways, stairways, and entrances to the home visible, thanks to their easy installation on any type of structure. If we have these lights, we ensure the creation of a safe and visually appealing atmosphere during the night. Their robust structure and geometric shapes create highly decorative effects, illuminating the area softly and discreetly. This pedestal lights come in cylindrical, oval, circular shapes, with straight lines, in different sizes; they are so versatile they can fit into any type of project and need. There are also solar wall-mounted lamps that operate solely with solar charging, making them the most efficient option, just like their LED counterparts. Since they need to be highly resistant to unstable weather conditions such as rain, wind or snow, their designs are sufficiently protected to ensure optimum functionality and a long lifespan. With just a simple installation, you will have a light source that adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

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