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Also for the outdoor and garden lights, the differentiated characteristics of all of them make them unique.


For this reason, at LightingSpain we have a wide range of home lamps depending on each room, the luminary that fits the best to each of them. The same lamp can appear as recommended for several rooms. In all cases, you can look for them by defining the style, brand or price you want for home lighting.


Choosing the lamp for the rooms of the house


Just like every home is different, so are the rooms in each house. It is not the same to light the living room, the dining room or the bedrooms, as to choose the lamps for the corridor, bathroom or the outdoor spaces of the house. What is clear is that each of these rooms needs different lighting, as not all of them carry out the same activities and do not all have the same space.


For example, the living room will need a light that provides an intimate, warm and welcoming atmosphere, since it is the place where we spend most of our time. But if we choose the lighting of the bathroom, we must take into account that we must take advantage of the space so that the daily routine in this place is functional. At Lightingspain we attach great importance to choosing the right lighting, which is why we want to show you the lamp options in our catalogue for each room in the house. In this way, your search will be easier and you will be sure to make the right choice.


Why should we choose different lamps for each room?


As we have said, each room in the house has certain characteristics and it depends on them whether the lighting is one or the other. The space available, the decoration and even the colour of the walls are fundamental aspects to take into account when choosing which types of lamps to use. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, ... the variety is very wide and on many occasions we do not know where to start.


In the bedrooms, it is advisable to use soft and warm lights that invite to rest and calmness, thanks to a uniform illumination and with low consumption bulbs. This can be achieved with direct light lamps aimed at the ceiling or also with wall lights. In our selection of bedroom lamps, you can find a great variety of lights from the best brands.


In the case of the dining room, this is a room where several spaces can be created, so each of them will need a different light. For example, the place where you are going to watch TV will use a warm light, like a floor lamp. In the reading corner, a cooler and more direct light can be used, such as a table lamp. In the kitchen it is recommended to use a more general light that illuminates the whole room and in the bathroom a light that is more similar to the natural one, using halogen lights in the ceiling or in the mirror.


As you can see, each room in the house has certain characteristics and it is important to know them in order to choose the best lamp for each one of them. Whatever your needs are, in our catalogue you will find the lighting solution you are looking for. We have the best Spanish brands, quality products with which to decorate your home and give it the perfect touch.

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