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Ceiling fans make it possible to lower the room temperature by stirring the air in the room. Even in winter, it is a useful product, as reversible models favour the circulation of warm air, which reduces energy consumption. Thanks to the wide variety of brands that manufacture them, we can find different designs and styles (modern, classic, for indoor and outdoor use...). To reduce its consumption, it is not surprising that many of them incorporate LED lighting or DC motors, the quietest one. Currently, there is a wide range of ceiling fans with different types of blades, colours, sizes, and ventilation power. At LightingSpain we have all kinds of models with light, without light, with wooden, plastic, or metal blades, and even with reversible blades with different colors on each side. We can also offer you the most innovative ones, powered up by remote control or even through, mobile applications without having to move from our bed. They are all advantages! 


What is the best solution to cope with the heat without having to pay excessive electricity consumption? Of course it is a ceiling fan, an increasingly essential product to generate cool air in summer or to redistribute heat in winter.

During the hottest days of the year, fans are undoubtedly one of the best options to combat the heat even during the night, since many of them integrate systems that allow you to control their time of use through a timer.

Thanks to technological advances, more and more fans are being programmed with remote controls or through regulators integrated into the wall, which means greater comfort. The motors have also benefited from these changes that improve not only the power consumption, in some cases considerably lower than the traditional one, but also the annoying sound that in many occasions becomes practically imperceptible.

Of course, in the market we can find the classic fans that incorporate the characteristic handles or chains, but every time we are more demanding and we are more inclined to new products with a very good value for money.


There are several factors to consider before choosing one model or another, such as the height of the ceiling or the size of the room where you want to install the ceiling fan with light. The surface, the design of the blades and the light source are the three main ones.

Currently, we have at our disposal very varied models that are presented with different number of blades which in turn can be reversible, ie, have different colors on each of their faces. In this way we can play with the finishes they offer and combine them in the best possible way with our furniture and style.

Ceiling fans also allow us to choose between several speeds so that we can select the most suitable intensity for each situation: from the lowest to the strongest when the heat becomes very annoying.

These products are available in various sizes so that the air conditioning function is optimally fulfilled according to the needs of each room.

Another great feature of the newest ceiling fans is the possibility to use them all year round in winter/summer mode. In summer they are used to create a lower thermal sensation and make hot days and nights much more bearable. In this case, their blades rotate to the left, pushing the air downwards.

On the other hand, if we set our fan to winter mode, the movement is reversed so that the fan is responsible for redistributing the heat from the heating evenly, preventing the air from stagnating and finding a balance between heat and distribution.


What if, in addition to cooling our environment, we could illuminate it? In this case we are in luck, since we can choose a fan that integrates a light source. This type of product allows us to take better advantage of the functionality of a fan and make it even more practical. In all options, we can integrate LED lighting, either integrated LED or LED bulbs to reduce consumption and generate more light.

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