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Iluminating any space in your home with wall lamps is easier than ever thanks to the LightingSpain platform. If you have to light up your living room, try out classic style lighting fixtures that will give your home a touch of class and definitive personal elegance.


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Firms such as Joalpa, Cordón or Pedret Lighting put their catalog at your fingertips through our platform. You also have other Spanish firms available on LightingSpain: Riperlamp and Copenlamp among them.

Within the category of wall lamps there are different types, each designed for a both practical and aesthetic function. To create an intimate atmosphere, the wall lamps that cast and indirect and soft light are the most appropriate. Make your living room the most comfortable space in your home by combining wall fixtures that are discreetly integrated with the décor, or looking for decorative fixtures themselves that stand out for their design.