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Hugo Tejada

Hugo Tejada

Hugo Tejada

Hugo Tejada studied Industrial Design at the University Cardenal Herrera CEU; he subsequently specialised in Automotive Design at the UPV of Valencia. After his graduation in 2007, he began his career as part of the Design Department of a major lighting company, in addition to collaborating with various national companies and design studios.

In 2011, he founded his own design studio where he collaborates with various national and international companies in the development of new products, providing his expertise and creative vision.

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The studio's philosophy is innovation and product functionality; all projects are managed with the same passion and commitment, from the first sketch to the final product. The observation of the world around us is the main inspiration of the creative process, the analysis of the daily needs have a direct influence on the approach of new concepts. The goal is to always facilitate the user's relationship with the objects around them.

The main objective is to provide service and expert advice to companies that consider design as an added-value and need for their product to achieve a distinctive sign which distinguishes them from others, increasing the value of their brand and its competitiveness to face the times of the social change in which we live today