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Outdoor Lamps

How to choose outdoor lighting. A correct choice of spotlights, wall lights or lamps for the outside of your home will add an aesthetic value, while allowing the garden to be enjoyed for a longer time; In addition, with good lighting, security is reinforced at night. There are models of all possible aesthetics: classic, avant-garde, design, contemporary ... we offer you the possibility of choosing all models from the most relevant Spanish lighting companies, all of them members of our platform.


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Being partners of LightingSpain, manufacturers such as Mantra, ACB Iluminación or LZF Lamps give you the possibility of getting their creations from their warehouse to your home, without intermediaries.
There are several places where to place outdoor lighting: the ground floor of the terrace, the garden floor, or the walls. In addition, many of the lamps incorporate LED technology or motion sensors, with the consequent saving in electricity, as well as contributing to the environment sustainability. To illuminate walls and facades, the most recommended lighting are wall sconces, which provide added value due to their strong decorative presence. When choosing outdoor lighting, you must know how to combine functionality with decorative value. The geometric wall sconces, with round or square shapes, are perfect to blend into a minimalist decoration. One of the strongest trends that has come in recent years are portable lamps. These are perfect luminaires to carry to the garden, to put next to the pool, on the terrace table ... also, in LightingSpain we have some portable lamps with Bluetooth connection, so you can play music on them using your mobile or other electronic device.