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When lighting a bathroom, you have to choose lamps whilst following several criteria of different types in order to adequately meet the specific functional requirements. A key point is that it is necessary to have the correct bathroom light that offers a general, natural-like light. It is also necessary to have spot lights in certain areas. The lighting in the bathroom, due to the characteristics of the room, requires specific safety measures. They require a degree of IP (protection to humidity and water) concrete. In addition, lights that take little time to be frequently switched on and off are a valuable attribute of bathroom lighting.

At LightingSpain, we have bathroom lamps from many different Spanish manufacturers. All the models that you will find in our store have the highest standards of quality in their manufacture and design. Also, all the brands we offer are partners of FEDAI federation, so when buying on our website you are buying directly from the store of each manufacturer. Choosing lighting can depend on the price, and we have cheap lamps, ceiling lights, wall fixtures, lights to attach to the mirror, etc.

A good tip to consider is the quick activation of LED lights and halogens that react instantly. The options when choosing bathroom lamps are: recessed downlights, addressable wall spotlights, and even illuminated mirrors. The wall fixtures are very useful as lights for the bathroom as they light up a very wide area, and you can find both those that are fixed onto bathroom tiles and those that can be adapted to find a place on the mirror.


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