Lámparas de Techo de Araña

Lámparas de Techo de Araña

Classic chandeliers bring a touch of elegance to the room in which they are placed. They are available in different materials and styles. If you like classic style, you have a variety of crystals to choose from: Scholer, Bohemia, Asfour, etc, even porcelain. At LightingSpain you will find a wide range of handcrafted chandeliers made in Spain by master craftsmen. Prestigious lighting brands such as Mariner, Riperlamp, Copenlamp, Lladró, offer us the best selection of chandeliers.

You will also find modern chandeliers, with arms, with and without lampshades, and different materials in LightingSpain from renowned brands such as AROMAS, BOVER, MANTRA, PUJOL, etc. 

If your style is rustic, JOALPA´s made of iron chandeliers and with different shades and finishes will give a genuine touch to the room. 

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