Outdoor beacons are a perfect element to mark paths and transit areas, since thanks to its light emission it is easier to see the accesses or passage areas without fear of falling down.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of beacons of all styles, therefore we invite you to go through LightingSpain catalogue and choose the model that best suits your needs. You can opt for a higher beacon if you intend to illuminate the environment, or a lower one if your purpose is to illuminate the floor. You can also enjoy decorative beacons with cool designs or more discreet ones, if  you wish to illuminate the space without giving too much prominence to your light. 

As for the lighting, we are going to surprise you because these are really innovative products, prepared to provide the best light for all budgets. There are some that consist of a projector that will help us to direct the light in the desired direction, with LED light located at the ends or inside the light. There are also solar beacons that are charged only by sunlight, making them really efficient lights. If you still want to know more about the advantages of this type of outdoor lighting, we have a surprise for you. There are motion sensor beacons that will only switch on if they detect activity in their vicinity. In this way, they become a great ally in helping us to save light. 

No need to add that all beacons have special protection, so that they can withstand any inclement weather that may occur in the outdoor area. The vast majority of them are made of highly durable materials, even for salty environments. In this way, we will always have the best lighting in our garden, illuminating even the most isolated and darkest corners.

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